23-year-old makes living off Minecraft

23-year-old makes living off Minecraft

If you ever managed a Minecraft server then there is no doubt you've heard of McMyAdmin. The creator of the web application, PhonicUK, 23, hasreleasedanofficialstatement claiming to "for the last 4 months, I've made my living selling my own administration software for Minecraft servers" Now, isn't that something? I think he is one of the very first people to achieve such a feat. Minecraft can be used for a lot of things but for a living? Well, just add that to list and look no further. Good job PhonicUK we love your software. We use it as well. Also, if you are interested in him or the application itself, you can look in the reddit comments and see the questions he has answered.

PhonicUK says:

During September last year, I wroteMcMyAdmin - A web based administration tool for Minecraft SMP servers.

A few weeks after having a finished version, I started getting approached by hosting companies who wanted to use it for their customers. And it became pretty obvious that people would be quite happy to pay for it. In October that same year I started actually selling it, both to end users and to hosting companies.

Now, McMyAdmin is running on over 700 servers - and it makes enough every month to pay my rent, bills and food. Not much to spare, but I have everything I need from it.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/VL/

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