CraftHub Enters the Record Books!

CraftHub Enters the Record Books!

As of yesterday, Crafthub's staff started 2011 with a bang. Over 140 players joined the official CraftHub server to participate in of the largest Minecraft events ever. The (presumably) largest group photo in Minecraft history has been taken. (Click on the images to enlarge)

[caption id="attachment_3518" align="aligncenter" width="586" caption="The "calm" before the storm."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_3472" align="aligncenter" width="586" caption="Crafthub Server 2011."][/caption] From the staff at Crafthub, we would like thank everyone who participated. Without you, this event couldn't have been possible. If you happened to missed this year's photoshoot, be sure to keep your eyes open for another in the future!

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