Mau5ville's Photoshoot.

Mau5ville's Photoshoot.

On Sunday night, Deadmau5 had a fun event for all of his fans on his server, Mau5ville. The new musician for Minecraft (better known for his house/techno music) tipped his fans off on Twitter and Facebook. As loyal members poured into the server, Deadmau5 had a sinister plan. Once the flood was over, the tedious task of assembling 50+ maniacal fans into formation for a picture began. Deadmau5's open server event was so popular that the Minecraft's servers could not handle the sheer amount of people signing up and buying the game. Despite some server crashes on Notch's end, Deadmau5 did manage to bring a plethora of fans who most likely would not have heard about Minecraft otherwise.

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