AllGamer, Now With Unicorns!

AllGamer, Now With Unicorns!

Awhile ago, you may remember that we switched to a new hosting provider, AllGamer. Some readers have mailed us wanting an update on that, as well as to elaborate on some of the new server hints we have been dropping. First off, our experience with AllGamer has continued to be phenomenal, from their support team helping us out with some of the Minecraft server issues we were experiencing to giving us extra hosting and bandwidth during our Interview With Jen article, when the Minecraft community took down our servers from interest :D. Second, we will be upgrading our server on the 17th of next month to host even more players, as well as several smaller exotic worlds (more details soon!).

On a lighter note, when I wrote the previous AllGamer article, we received several emails asking if that had been a paid review. Finding this highly amusing, I had mentioned such in the AllGamer support IRC, as well as jokingly demanding payment. Their response as equally humorous, with the promise to pay us in Unicorns. Imagine my surprise today when I received a mysterious Amazon gift package. The contents of which follow in photo form.

[gallery link="file"]

Thanks, guys! I should mention that AllGamer is running a holiday special! Use the code Holiday2010 on your first purchase or upgrade and receive 20% off your first month. Happy Holidays, from CraftHub and AllGamer!

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