The 'legendary' map is now available for download!

The 'legendary' map is now available for download!

Anyone who plays Minecraft has most likely stumbled upon thismagnificentpiece of work. I mean, literally, people just gaze at the craft,architect, and beauty. Up until now, no one has found a downloadable link to play the world, which is hosted on World 1. Tomahawkthedragon is stepping up and claiming to be the work of art for this piece as the download link, which is legit is now available. Minecrafters rejoice! We can now play in peace.

I am, of course, talking about this map:

Tomahawkthedragon says:

I heard that some people wanted to download this world.
[pic above]
I am happy to announce that I'm the creator of this creation.
I'm also pleased to annouce that you can download this world now with this link:

And, donate if you want =^.^=

and just to prove it is legit:

Yes, that's me in my Master Chief skin and from a different view.

Happy Minecraft Beta!

Short url :

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