Minecraft Beta is now live!

Minecraft Beta is now live!

You heard right, update your clients and love the updates because its just what we asked for! Heres what Notch says he added from his blog, The Word of Notch.

* Working server-side inventory! Finally! (And as a result of that, a whole pile of bugs and issues got fixed) * Made SMP servers save chunks way less often in most cases. Chunks don’t resave if they got saved in the last 30 seconds * Moving too far away from a container, or having it blow up, closes the inventory screen * Fixed /kill * Introduced leaf decay again. It acts differently from before * You can now throw eggs * On a whim, added super exclusive clan cloaks for Mojang Employees * .. and something else, which is even more rare

I don't know whether to be scared or happy about that last one....but I certainly like the leaf decay. Helps out when you are playing a server, find a tree, and no wood; we all have probably had that happen to us. The egg throw seems usefull for fighting zombiepig menand skeleton archers...possibly...tell me how that works out.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/V0/

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