Gliding with Chickens

Gliding with Chickens

If you've ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you'll be familiar with the chickens (named Cuccos in the Zelda universe). When you weren't attacking them you could grab them, jump and glide light as a feather about the world.

This mod created by KodaichiZero adds gliding with chickens to Minecraft with (aptly named) Gliding with Chickens!

Right click your chicken and your feathered friend is upon your head to aid you in your flight about Minecraft. Click again and you can throw your chicken, make sure it's safe to as it may be a long way down!

With an extra block jump height this mod gives you the means to traverse the world's higher regions with a bird's eye view. Watch the poultry's health however as if they die you may meet the same demise.

Fly over to the Minecraft Forum's thread to download and install this mod!

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