Color Stone Torch Mod!

Color Stone Torch Mod!

Red Stone torches can do a lot of tasks, people have built small but effective monster traps tomammoth CPU run machines, however what if we gave those people more? KyleIchiNi gives us that said more with his mod Color Stone Torch, introducing four more colours to the original red; Blue, Green, Purple and Orange. These aren't just fancy coloured torches, they all have unique features which can be controlled with red stone and it's various switches. -
Blue ( Water )
This torch controls water, placing one near or around water makes it disappear or with the application of a switch the water magically reappears. -
Green ( Terraform )
Perhaps the most interesting of the lot, this torch can terraform blocks. Place this down and all blocks around will turn into a earth block. Best shown in the video below, this torch changes even Nether blocks into soil and grass. -
Purple ( Lava )
This torch works similarly to the Blue torch, but instead of controlling water it controls lava! Placing let's no lava in it's radius or set direction when placed on a wall. -
Orange ( Fire )
This torch, inspired byCommand & Conquer, does what it says on the tin; It creates fire. Placed on the floor this creates fire in all direction haphazardly but placed on a wall it spreads in a orderly wall formation. -

Here is a video demonstrating the torch's abilities:

This mod opens up lot's more pathways for red stone engineers and if you want some more colours for your Christmas tree why not? ;D Will you guys be using it? What other torches would you want to see? Leave us a comment. :) Go to the Minecraft Forums' thread for more details on how to install and craft them: [Source:]

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