Website update!

Website update!

With December 20th getting closer, the date on which Minecraft enters its beta stage, Mojang has also been hard at work on improving Minecraft's site! As seen in the picture below, there are various new features, as well as the look of the site being improved in general.

To start, the home page has been greatly improved. There is a new video entitled 'This is Minecraft' which was made by Vareide, and hopefully we will see a large playlist of videos in the future made by various people. There is also a news area at the bottom. On the bottom-left is the headline sort of section, which seems to deal with major news about Minecraft. The bottom-middle section features the latest posts from Notch's tumblr blog. The bottom-right is a feed containing Notch's latest tweets.

Along with an update to the front page, there is also a new help section. This page contains videos which guide new players through the basics of Minecraft. They teach you Minecraft's controls, crafting basics, how to use tools, and how to survive your first day and night. I highly recommend any new players to watch these videos.

Perhaps the largest part of the website's update is the introduction of gift codes and being able to pay directly to Mojang with your credit card. You can buy 1 to 10 gift codes at a time, each costing the price of the game regularly. You can give out the codes to whoever you want, and they can them redeem them on their Minecraft account.

You can view all of these changes for yourself on Minecraft's website.

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