Kathandrax; CraftHub's Very Own Mega-Castle!

Kathandrax; CraftHub's Very Own Mega-Castle!

Kathandrax, a mega castle spanning 225x220 blocks, resides on The CraftHub server.Built almost entirely by a VIP member, Ddl2829 (with some help from server admin, iWhiskey). I recommend exploring the castle in person because pictures do not do it justice.

Decorated expertly, with a great attention to detail, Ddl28298 has managed to create one of the most successful towns on the entire server. Expanding daily, there are already over 18 residents within the castle. The sheer size of the castle is noticeable immediately. However, upon closer inspection, it can be seen that this wasn't some over ambitious project. Each part of the castle was carefully planned, with a goal in mind.

Ddl is currently working on expanding the walls of the castle even further, as well as helping out on the underwater opera (article coming soon!).

[caption id="attachment_3098" align="alignnone" width="341" caption="The Beginnings of the Epic Opera."][/caption]

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/UT/

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