Handheld Torches and Real Dungeons

Handheld Torches and Real Dungeons

Lately, we've seen many mods pop. Some of these focused on mobs, others focused on things such as music, but Cryect wanted to take this even further. In the video below, he shows off his latest mod, entitled 'Handheld Torch Light'.

Cryect explained it in its thread on the Minecraftforums:

This mod changes the game so when the player is holding a torch it casts light that moves with the player. Currently it only works in single player. Consider it a precursor to my dungeon crafting mod that should be coming shortly.

You may also be wondering about his 'dungeon crafting' mod. It is a very extensive mod which features various elements found in dungeons in many RPG games. There are triggers, which then spawn creatures based on the room you are in. Certain rooms contain keys which open doors, allowing you to progress further on your journey. You have limited health, and can pick up health from creatures which you kill. I'll let the video explain the rest. Currently it is simply 'coming soon'.

The 'Handheld Torch Light' mod is available to download here.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/UN/

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