Good times with Luclin

Good times with Luclin

Remember how I said I didn't like to watch people play Minecraft? Well, I was wrong. I am talking about Luclin (pronounced Luck-lin)from Minecraft Workbench. See, I now know how people felt when I told them my view on the 'Let's play' series. People get to see how Minecraft is like, people watch others play Minecraft, and most important -- fun is had by all! When my friend suggested I watch Luclin's let's play, I wasreluctant. However, I clicked on the video and let it load. Then, then adventure began. I was bursted into a video which I was once knew was a YouTube video and now in Luclin's playground. I was enthralled mainly because the video had many things. Comedy, narration, gameplay, and suspension were just a few things. Anyway, I decided to catch up with Luclin and talk to him about why he started and minecraft related questions.

Guard: Hey Luclin, thanks for joining me in this mini-interview. How are you?
Luclin: Doing great and yourself?

G: Good good, just got a few questions to ask you about Minecraft and your Let's play! Ready to get started?
L: Sure. :)

G: Alright, great! First is the most-asked question by any interview! How did you find Minecraft?
L: From my good friend Mark (also minecraftwb partner) at first I was not intrested but as I played it really started to grow on me :) then after I discovered Redstone it was over.I was hooked.

G: Ah, very nice. What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?
L: Hmm lets see ... creating new ways to create with redstone and exploring

G: Nice! I like to experiment too! Heh, OK so Minecraft Workbench is known as a Minecraft database center, so who came up with the Let's play series?
L: I did !! :)but for the longest time Mark said "I think you should start making videos."

G: Aha, nice! And when did you notice that this Let's play series had a good shot at being a regular thing?
L: Well I sent a bulletin out asking if I should do a let's play and everyone said yes so at that time I started it and after all the great comments i received at that point there was no turning back.

G: and how has the journey been so far?
L: Its been great lots and lots of advice support and great ideas from all my subscribers so thank you everyone :). As of now I'm at 21 episodes and making a new one each night and 2 or 3 on weekends

G: Very nice, and how wonderful. So, what do you think draws people into watching Let's plays in general?
L: I would say the learning experience is a good one you can learn a lot about a game that way. Also the comedy part of lets plays is always fun and just watching someone elses journey in itself is a blast its like watching a tv show.

G: Good answer! Well, that's all I have! Thanks for answers! Any last words? :)
L: Thank you everyone for all your support of MinecraftWB and Minecraft Adventures with Luclin. And thank you to Notch for making such a brilliant game :)

There you have it folks, you can start the adventure below. Happy mining!

Watch the first episode!

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