New Writers!

New Writers!

Hey we have chosen new amazing writers! They are here to give a short introduction of themselves! We are currently waiting for a few more to respond to us, so when they do, they will have an updated intro here.


Hello fellow crafters. I’m 28, a Seattle native. By day, I work in magazine editing and design. By night, I work in stone, sand, wood, and gunpowder. I’m about to embark on a journey to get my Masters in organizational development, which may explain my total fascination with Minecraft’s tendency to reinvent the software development/community involvement paradigm every couple months. I’m a pretty laid back guy, until you steal my diamonds. I’m baffled by redstone but admire those who can grok its secrets. And if you have an idea, a story, or a unique point of view, I want to hear about it! And please don’t be afraid to drop by; my address is Secret Lair, Giant Turtle Sculpture, Snow Biome.


Hey guys, my name is Daniel (also known as Prevaricater) and I am one of the new writers for Crafthub! I'm a high-school student from America and have been playing Minecraft for a few months now. I stumbled upon Crafthub a while back and was amazed at how friendly the community was. I applied to become a writer because I love sharing my passion for this game with others. You can typically find me on the Crafthub server, where I am always open to discussing the game and article ideas you might have.


What's up CraftHub! My name is Andrew Page, but you can call me Andrew. I'm from California. I LOVE MINECRAFT. I like building big kingdoms with secret passages. A LOT of secret passages. I usually enclose them behind paintings. That's just my style... My latest project is the White House. It's pretty sick, but there is nothing white enough for the white house, so I had to make it out of cloth... Again, I AM IN LOVE WITH MINECRAFT. Seriously. I saw this site on, and I honestly read every single article. When I saw the opportunity to apply for a writers position here at CraftHub, I jumped at the chance. You can usually find me on a new Minecraft server I'm an admin on, (it's not public yet), or on the CraftHub server. If I'm on neither and you want to get in contact with me, just post a comment on one of my articles and I'll get back to you ASAP. Hope you enjoy my articles!


Hellooooo to the Crafthub world. I'm Michael Louisseize, also known as Miclee, which I go by in a lot of places. I'm from Canada(polar bears, igloos and all that), and I simply enjoy gaming. I started playing Minecraft within its first week back in May of 2009, and haven't stopped since. A few ideas of mine, namely pigmen and zombie pigmen have been added to the game, or soon will be. The growth of Minecraft has been quite incredible in my opinion, from when it was just a few people playing it to now, where millions have enjoyed it. Mojang has an incredible base set with Minecraft, and they have a good future ahead. I absolutely love helping out in the community, and am a moderator of Mojang's Getsatisfaction.

I enjoy quite a variety of games, as I've been gaming since the late 80's. I don't have a specified favourite genre, though I'm a sucker for a RPG with a great story. The series of Mass Effect games really speaks to me as something innovative, where the things you do in a completely different game have such a major effect on the sequels. With the announcement of Mass Effect 3, I can see myself playing through the first and second again multiple times before 2011's holiday season. As well, I enjoy making mods for games in my spare time. An example of this would be the Minecraft-themed campaign I'm working on for Left 4 Dead 2, though progress of it has slowed down quite a bit due to me being busy. Hopefully things will be cleared up a bit soon and I'll get it done.

I'm excited to be here, and can't wait to get writing some things. The easiest way to contact me would be through contacting me either via a comment on one of my posts, or through my twitter.


Well readers of CraftHub and lovers of Minecraft, my name is Jimmy M (prefer not to disclose my last name to the world). I have played Minecraft since about June of 2010, not very long in my opinion but I was hooked from the second I tried it. I have been gaming since I was a small child (as a baby I played on a Gamegear, favorite game was Shinobi 2) and still game as often as I can nowadays between schoolwork and the lag of my internet. I for some reason like servers that are small and not built a lot (it's just me) so that I can contribute more, but unfortunately they get shut down...insufficient funds. I also go off topic when I type a lot, but it's always interesting. I love the Call of Duty series as well (who doesn't) and am nearing my 10th prestige on Modern Warfare for Black Ops, well thats too full of lag for me.

I love making things on Minecraft. The biggest thing I ever built was in a SP World I made a HUGE mansion with a tower. Built it in a crater so I had a lot of room. An underwater tunnel to my multiple mines and farms, and ultimately "Minecraft" written in the sky in Jack-O-Lanterns. You will see me as a great writer, Crafthub, but for now I bid youadieu.


Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm 24 and from Austin, TX. I'm currently a student at Le Cordon Bleu, Austin, but will be graduating in January from the Pastry and Baking program after my internship with Disney is over. I'm into just about anything I can try, from cooking, to music, to (obviously) videogames. Before this I've written for SECFootballblogger while I lived in Tennessee, but had to end that when I moved back to Austin for LCB.
I got into Minecraft after I saw the VGCats comic on it and wondered, "What the heck is that a reference to." And once I found out I played around with Classic and the Survival test until I finally bought Alpha. I've got two single player worlds I play around with and the first one I made the mistake of making my base a long way from my spawn point so dying sucks even more there, but otherwise both worlds are fun and having now gotten redstone I'm playing around with that. I'm looking forward to writing here and am already looking into things to write about!

The InkFox

My name is James Potter, AKA The InkFox here on the internet and I've been into minecraft for about four months now. I'm just out of high school, and currently taking a year off before moving on to university (hopefully Cambridge, fingers crossed). All my life I've enjoyed lego above all other toys (I only stopped building about two years ago), creation has just been the thing I've most enjoyed; so when I discovered the unlimited potential of minecraft I was hooked immediately. I've only ever played one world, because whenever I get bored (which is rare) I just move to a new area and start a new project (mostly on normal, though recently because of the scale I've turned to peaceful to save on time and effort). As far as my articles are concerned, predictably I'll mostly rave about structures of amazing scale and detail; however some of the inventions out there are so well built I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by them as well. Either way I hope you'll come to enjoy my reviews as much as I enjoy reviewing.

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