Mo' Creatures adds new mobs to Minecraft!

Mo' Creatures adds new mobs to Minecraft!

After talking about the idea of rare monsters in Minecraft from my last post, I wanted to post about a certain mod that was also talked about briefly on my Mod Encyclopedia last issue.

Last time I looked at the mod from DrZhark called Mo' Creatures, which enabled using new mods within the game. When I posted last, it only had 3 animals to the mod, however now it seems he has added a few more to spice things up even more. Of these new mods that he added, the Wrath and Ogre are most notable. The Wraith is a new flying mob that haunts the land, along with another version the Flame Wraith, which does fire damage when touched. If that's not bad enough either, we have the Ogre which even destroys blocks that are in its path. There are 3 flavors to choose from too: Ogre, Fire Ogre, or Cave Ogre.

So if you're interested in getting a new feel for your Minecraft by the adding new mobs to the mix, then why not try this! Be sure to check Zhark's mod thread for more details on how to get this working and looking for new update to come!

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