Battle Towers!

Battle Towers!

Piercing the sky with it's magnitude, across the horizon and over the mountains on a dusty plain stands Battle Towers! This post is showcasing Battle Towers V2, a Minecraft mod introducing towers placed in your world for a challenge while you're not getting trapped under sand! The main premise of the towers is that of dungeons on several stories, each floor has a chest with treasure and schwag to be taken but are also accompanied with complimentary spawners of monsters to fight off. With three different towers; easy, medium and hard respectively. Each tower is tweaked with difficulty andloot, the harder the more to gain.At the top however there is a final challenge. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the mod is the introduction of a custom mob who guards the top of the tower. Named the Golem, this isn't a simple reskin, he's been kitted out with different behaviours and abilities to your standard mobs. Go get this mod from over here: !

He is completely still until you approach him but also: - A lot of HP (varies) - Immune to Fire and Lava - Very Slow, but gets progressively faster as he takes damage - Very Strong, 4 hearts base damage - Very Scary! - Drops a varying amount of diamonds upon death (and a ton of half-steps) - Has a huge and powerful stomp attack that activates if you try to run away.

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