Minecraft through to IndieDB finals!

Minecraft through to IndieDB finals!

Last month we beckoned for the brave Crafthub readers to go vote for Minecraft as the Indie of the Year over at IndieDB, seems the efforts of you and your fellow Minecraftians has payed off, Minecraft is through to the next round and is a top 100 finalist!

It's up to us to let Minecraft take the crown of Indie of the Year, so if you haven't already go and vote now! :D

Just go to http://www.moddb.com/games/minecraft/ and sign up to vote, just make sure your vote counts because guest accounts only come into play for tie breakers!

But what about this fabled cake? Worry not confectionery lover! Since we're at Phase 2 more details have been released:

The cake will not be cuttable.
The cake will not have a candle.
The cake will be placable.
The cake will be an edible item.

Who doesn't like cake? :)

Thanks for voting guys, let's give Minecraft the recognition it deserves!

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