Update! Update! Update...?

Update! Update! Update...?

We all love Notch, and even more so now since he's been working hard to get out updates out for SMP. However, if you're a server admin, these frequent updates are more annoying then helpful. Everytime Notch sends out a global update, the admins need to update their own server as well. This could become problematic when updates for the plugins or even the client mod aren't updated and your sever might have to be whitelisted or taken down for the time being.

This is fine and all, but what if it's happening every single week and you need to do this every time? I don't think that after awhile this wouldn't get to any admins nerve. I think Notch should release updates in larger update like we had on secret Fridays and Saturdays, unless it's something major that NEEDS to be added right now and then. Now I know i'm going from what we are dealing with for the CraftHub server abit, however I know there are many others who are having the same opinion on the matter.


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