CraftHub is Recruiting! Again!

CraftHub is Recruiting! Again!

Do YOU like Minecraft? Do YOU like to write? Do YOU want to write for CraftHub? Do YOU find me saying "Do YOU" annoying? If you answered "Yes, Yes, Yes, No" secretly to yourself in your head, then CraftHub is looking for you!! We at CraftHub are recruiting every single one of you talented writers out there! Well . . . not really, only about two or three, but, all the requirements is to write a simple draft for a possible CraftHub article! It's simple really, just search the depths of the internet for something amazing and write about it!

How to apply, you ask? It’s easy, you just need to follow these easy requirements:

1. Must have Steam or Skype (Easiest way we can all communicate.)
2. Correct usage of the English language. (How will people understand you?)
3. Like Minecraft! (Well, duh.)

Here is the template to use when applying:

First name:

Steam or Skype ID (Or both):



Minecraft name:

I like Minecraft because:

I want to write for CraftHub because:

Here is some of my work (optional but recommend):

(++Bonus++) Example CraftHub article:

Send your applications to [email protected] with the label “CH Application“. If you see your article on the website and have managed to elude every form of communication then Congratulations! You win!

The deadline is Wednesday , December 8th, 2010. Please have your submission in by then. Thanks!

Reply emails should be sent out some time during Friday. (: Thanks for the applications guys!

Thank you everyone for sending in your emails, we received over 40 emails for applications. We have chosen the new writers and they will be announced on Sunday if they decide to accept. Again, I would like to thank everyone for applying.

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