AllGamer, Our New Server Host!

AllGamer, Our New Server Host!

Hey guys, iWhiskey here. Some of you may have noticed some changes with the server as we moved hosts. Our new host is, a great gameserver hosting company. We mostly started shopping around after the Mynecraft debacle, and settled on AllGamer after it had been recommended to us by a fellow fansite.

First off, I just wanted to say, I have never had a hosting company willing to spend four hours with me to figure out exactly what we needed. We settled on a custom ordered dual quad-core, 12gbs RAM, 6x250gb/2x137gb SAS drive server. They gave us a 100mbps bandwidth line, and 2.5 terabytes of monthly transfer. They custom ordered all of the parts, and had the server put together and ready to go the next day. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. I have worked with hosting companies before, professionally, and the amount of service we havereceivedis way out of the norm.

Right off the bat, we were given skype, email, and phone numbers for contacting them, with damn near 24/7 service. After a minor hiccup with a drive refusing to play nicely with the RAID array (which we assume the creeper below had some part in),we were good to go.

[caption id="attachment_2669" align="alignleft" width="243" caption="Taken from the datacenter webcam, which they gave us during the drive replacement."][/caption]

The AllGamer guys were nice enough to have a full Ubuntu Server set up for us, with a Minecraft server on the RAID 6 array and the operating system on the RAID 1 array.We are technically a fully managed server, but they gave us root access to change any of the content ourselves, which was a godsend while we were moving our Minecraft world and plugins. Anyway, I just wanted to thank AllGamer for the awesome help they have given us, and put their name out there if anyone is looking for a new host (even more so if you came from Mynecraft, as we did).

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