Grand opening of Minecraft's first amusement park!

Grand opening of Minecraft's first amusement park!

Yes, we can finally ride rollercoasters and such in Minecraft's first opening of a grand theme park! No but seriously, some of the rides here are totally rideable. I'm talking about Amusement Park by mextremel!Some of them are not to full scale and well that's how life works. A thing to note is that this park is to be played on the 'peaceful' setting or else your park could get dessSSSSSsssstroyed.Nonetheless, it's still fun and especially at night when all of the vibrant torches illuminate the park. I know I will buy spending some time here, however, you're at work right now you can enjoy some time at looking through pretty pictures!

mextremel says:

Imgur Album with bigger pictures

Download link:Amusement Park World Download (.7z) |(.zip)

Also got a15x17 chunk (240x272x128m) schematic of the park if anyone wants that to put it in their world...

EDIT: totally forgot to mention theBowling Alley in the tavern basement ;)

so yeah, if you want a sneak peek, check out the album! Or, you can check this awesome overview:

(click picture for bigger view)

Oh yeah, did we mention it's up for download? Grab yourself a copy and have fun.

Short url :

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