NO, I am your Father!

NO, I am your Father!

"This popped up one day on our server. It was a one man show built in secrecy." Sound like something that would get anyone's attention, but once I looked it myself was amazed at the sight. Someone ( or it may be someones we don't know), has built a huge Mosaic of Darth Vader from the scene in The Empire Strikes Back.

I will do an ingame shot now. To be honest, I was just browsing the map, when I saw this, HAHAHAHA! edit 1: Here it is: edit 2: Tracked down the dude. Work in progress screens: edit 3: Here is the reference image he had used to pixel it: edit 4: The reference image was created using "Mosaic creator" (not Minecraft related, Google it) by feeding the ingame textures into the program. edit 5: 123x128=15 744 block was used to pixel it, took 4 days of "college time" (only the pixeling)
Either it was made by duplicating or spawning items or even getting them all yourself, this is still an amazing feat.

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