Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia Edition 3

Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia Edition 3

To our American Readers we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family!

You're browsingonline for some Minecraft Modifications, and soon you find what you have been searching for! However, as you look down at the large listings of threads and you notice that this will soon become very time consuming to look through. So that's where this biweekly article comes in.

I'm going to attempt to keep you all informed with the newest mods that come out, reviews of some old ones you may have have missed, and even updates on ones you have already come to love. Sounds good doesn't? So to start off, lets take a look at some new mods that have appeared over at theMinecraftforum as of lately.

Newest Modifications

+ Kingbdogz Mod by kingbdogz

To start off, my last article talked about a new modification by kingbdogz, that really seem more like a DLC for the game. Well, its out finally and ready for the mainstream. There really is alot to report on this one, so head over to my last article, his thread, or the snippet below for more information.

I've recently been working on a new "Advanced" mod which kind of acts as an expansion pack for Minecraft. Instead of making changes to the original items and blocks, I'm currently making new items and blocks so as to expand on the original game to add better variety of gameplay. My first release will contain two entirely new tool sets, three new ingots, and one new "Stick" type. Although the first release is still in progress, I shall reveal to you what I have accomplished so far.

+ Mo' Creatures by DrZhark

While taking a stroll down your beach near that one house; you know the one by your huge tower made of sand and wood? Actually that doesn't really relate to anything, but if you see a bear or a lion on that such beach then you might want to run. Mo' Creatures modification adds new creatures to the game, while most are actually real (ie Bear, Lion, Wolf). I would be assuming this mod getting rather popular, and also hope to see a few more enemies to battles off with!

+ Custom Mob Spawners by Ayutashi

This mod allows you to destroy & pick up mob spawners you find in dungeons, and place them wherever you'd like. When placed down, they will randomly choose a mob to "trap" inside (similar to how dungeons create new mob spawners).

+ Rename Worlds & Meteorite by Ethereal

Actually there are alot of mods now-a-days that let you rename your worlds, but what about being ingame though? Rename Worlds allows this, however at this time really only works with a merged version of Risugami's More World's mod(that is if you have other mods that allow editing of the worlds page, then it may conflict).

His other mod, Meteorite is pretty interesting:

This will make the world spawn meteorites when in easy, normal, or hard with an increasing chance in each. Meteorites don't spawn in peaceful. They are flaming blocks that fall and make an explosion that creates fire in the immediate vicinity. It then creates a chunk of a random type of ore above the crater. The meteor tends to spawn and fall fairly far away from the player, so seeing one is rare. However, you'll know if one has fallen if there is a floating chunk of air and a forest on fire.

+ CheffCraft by StrangerDanger

After awhile the same ol' Bread, milk, and meat start to seem rather boring. Why not attempt to make something new like cake or even some apple pie or cream? This adds 22 new items, which 7 are editable, while the those are used to make those 7 or for future updates. This does require the modified version of modloader by 303, so be sure to have that installed before you install this mod.

+ Spider Family Mod by KodaichiZero

What would you get if a spider laid eggs? Well of course you'd get a whole family of them.

It's two new mob types, Mother Spiders and Baby Spiders! Found in the depths of the world, between the surface and the lava pools, lurks a new threat to a miner's progress. Mother spiders will be found guarding their nests and children, but they only wish to live in peace. Babies are harmless when their mom is nearby, but the mother will get very angry if you approach her! Careful, since she has 30 HP, 1.5 times that of a normal spider. Babies without mothers are harmless in broad daylight, just like regular spiders, so you can make a silk farm at your base if you collect a bundle of eggs and enough silk! Only problem is, babies drop silk at a greatly reduced rate... still, you'll get to hear their screeching all day long, and that's something special.

A simple and cute string farm? Sign me up!

+ Timeroot's mods by Timeroot

Seven Modifications in one, how lucky can one person be? I wont go to much into details with it being that would be alot to write about, so if you like the following then head over to his thread for more details on these seven! The following mods are as shown: Scaffolding, AutoCanopy, Redstone-activated TNT Cannon blocks, Cannon, Woodchipper, and Dirt Armor. I personally love the Scaffolding idea, and will be using it myself in the future.

+ In-Game item Editor by Rustywolf

It's time consuming [if] you choose to use an external program to duplicate items, but what about if it was in game? It's extremely simple to use, and all the commands are hot keyed.

+ Arrows Extended by Mettra

Arrows were one of those things that Notch never did add enough too. So its been the communities mindset to make arrows and bows alot more efficient, along with ALOT more use for them. For example this modification adds a slot under the four main ones for arrows, along with a few new iron bows to boot.

+ Grenade Launcher and Mobs Killer Block by Zaraza107

Noobtubers rejoice! It seems like your wild wishes to have a thumper or grenade Launcher in Minecraft has finally come true! Just don't use it to much, the cows might start calling you a cheat for it.

The mobs killer block does exactly what it suggests. Once this block is created, all creatures that step on it will be terminated. Sounds fun right?

+ Named+Endless Worlds by McDjuady

This is is made by a new face over at Minecraftfourm, so if you do use it be sure to keep tabs on his thread for updates on it. The mod itself allows to you name and have unlimited worlds for your MC client.

Recently Updated

*Note that ANY 1.2.3 version works with Minecraft. However that's still a plenty so I'll try to keep the newest ones posted here.

+303 Modifications ( All Updated) by 303

+ Ayu's Mods (All Updated) by Ayutashi

+ ControllerBlocV2.0 by Sunrise_78

+ Risugami's Mods ( All Updated + new additions) byRisugami

+ Spider Family Mod v2.0 by KodaichiZero

+ Make me a sammich! by zenithselenium

+ Terrain Tweaker SMP Mod v1.7 (SMP) by Wickity

+ BiomeTerrain Mod v10.1 by Bucyruss

+ No UI Resize by Assassians4hire

+ Minecart Mania! (Supports SMP!) by Afforess

+ AO, SimpleMap, BetterGrass by MrMessiah

+ Extended Music Mod v0.4 by cvpcs

+ Zan's Mod v0.8.3 by Zaneris

+ Decaying Leaves v3 by desbones

+ Seronis' Mods (Most updated) by seronis

+ Paint your blocks by Valance

+ Carbonater v1.4.2 by Blodappelsin

+ Ethereal's Mods by Ethereal

+ Higher Clouds by TyrOvC Updated by Zaraza107


This time I thought we should look into one of favorite modders,Ayutashi. Since he started his mod thread over at the Minecraftforum at the start of the month, he's been pumping out more and more mods at the days go by.

Modifications like his newest one; Custom Mob Spawners, or some of my favorites like the Equivalent Exchange Mod or the TreeDrops Mod. Either these and the other ones there are sure to please most. I hope to see more coming from Ayutashi, and maybe even some new and creative mods to boot. For more info on his mods head over to his thread for more details and updates!

Thanks for reading this edition of the Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia! To help make this better in the future for you all, i'm always open to suggestions or questions regarding the encyclopedia in the comments area below. Remember i’m still only one guy, so feedback would be appreciated! You can also contact me on Minecraftforum for linking me to new modifications or updated versions.

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