The Underwater Opera is quite a spectacle!

The Underwater Opera is quite a spectacle!

It's rare that you see Opera houses but it's more rare that you see them underground! Pakh decided to post his friend's work on reddit today and we gotta say -- thank you! Things like these don't come often. The Underwater Opera house comes packed with a conical spiral and onwards to the most amazing auditorium you've ever seen. No, seriously, the guy who took the shots (Pakh) decided to take many shots and plastered them onto one for our easy viewing pleasure. So thank you Pakh and thank your friend!

Remember to click the picture for a higher resolution -- it's worth it!

Pakh says:

Edit: High-res screenshot of the Auditorium
This is the opera house that my friend built! :)
A few minor details are still being built:
The ticket desks are missing details such as signs, etc...
The metro station leading directly to the Hall
The Hall is underwater. The big glass dome will show the ocean through it once the dike is opened
Some details could have been shown in more screenshots:
The VIP box in the auditorium, with fireplace, sofas, ...
The docks for boats at the bottom of the stairways
By the way, my friend is currently studying architecture.

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