Redstone LED displaying the alphabet. Mind = Blown.

Redstone LED displaying the alphabet. Mind = Blown.

OK, seriously, this is Minecraft ingenuity at it's finest. This guy -- maybe -- surpasses the 16-bit computer guy. Because he made a Dot-Matrix Display and Decoder Cycling Letters A-Z. This guy just so happens to be Harbringerx81. The first thing that comes to our minds is that things we can do with a display like this. I mean it just brings so many thoughts and such. This guy, you can tell by watching the video, has put a lot of hard work into it and clearly wants everyone to know about it. The video he posts is 13 minutes long so I hope you're ready for a quiet a trip - I knew I was.

Harbringerx81 says:

5x7 dot matrix display running with a 5-bit 26-gate decoder currently wired to a 5-bit binary counter with push-button input...

In other words, it will cycle through the entire alphabet with the push of a button. Build as the start of a potentially huge project to make a complete output device for something like the CPU built by theinternetftw which I highly recommend checking out at:

Eventual updates may include multiple display matrices, 8-bit decoder to be ascii compatible, many more characters, and god knows what else.

This was built in the same style as the 7-segment display in my other videos, but on a much larger scale, the video covers some of the differences, but i recommend watching those videos before trying to use this system. The download contains 3 states of the project. One is just the display matrix, the second is the matrix and the decoder, and the third includes the counter used to drive it in this video.

More info can be found in the readme. Feel free to use/modify this as much as you want, just keep me posted if you use it for anything fun.

and here is the video:

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