A modern day look at Minecraft.

A modern day look at Minecraft.

You know how everyone almost immediatelytries to build a house when they firstdiscoveredMinecraft? Well... what if someone actually built one -- not a crappy one to boot too! animalntaz has done just that by creating a modern day house in Minecraft. So, it looks like someone has finally finished their "ultimate" 1st creation. Most people, like me, give up on the 2nd floor or we just build the most simplistic form of house. This guy puts us to shame, but in a good way -- of course. We need more people like himbecausethen we'd take some notes on originality building.

animalntaz says:

This took me a few weeks to complete. Took some redesigning along the way but I finally got it to where I am comfortable enough with it.
I used WeGame to record, sorry for the lag/graphics. But after watching some reviews I heard that this free recording software is best suited for computers of low memory (My system has 2GB).
Game: Minecraft
Music by Daniel Rosenfeld ("C418")http://c418.org/

and the video; sorry for the low quality:

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/U2/

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