Tsuchi Iwa Castle; It's superb.

Tsuchi Iwa Castle; It's superb.

Man, I think castles should get their own category. This is like the millionth castle and they're all amazing. Seriously, it just brings Minecraft up a level when I see things like this. I'm talking about the Tsuchi Isaw Castle by mysticviperx. Now, now only is this a castle but it's a castle with a lot of pictures. You'll see what I am talking about when you view the album I linked at the bottom of this post. For an added bonus, mysticviperx has added a cartopgrapher shot -- it's neat!

mysticviperx says:

Finished the Pagoda and found a name for the castle...Album

Original Reddit can be foundhere

Planet MineCraftLink...i prefer reddit to planet mine craft.

P.S. im looking to move to a real smp...if they will take me and my chunks, and i would kill to have some one fraps this

and for your enjoyment -- here's asneakpeek:

The full album can be found here.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/TZ/

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