The Japanese Castle is not bad at all.

The Japanese Castle is not bad at all.

Not everything has to be big. We can enjoy small amounts of Minecraft a time. This time we're bringing you the Japanese Castle by spherefs. Seriously, as if the castle itself wasn't already nice, the structures in the background are a bonus. Not to mention we love to see foreign builds in Minecraft rather than the industrial houses and castles. Well, I take that back, if you build a nice castle, then you're good. Anyways, things like these stand out from the crowd in my eye. Not too big and not too small -- just right!

spherefs says:

Here's the album:

I'm very proud of this castle, its one of the best things I've made in minecraft and has a fully detailed interior. It was build on the SMP server I frequent, and is part of a much larger town complex we have been building since the Halloween update. If you'd like to come check out our server the hostname is

Thanks for taking time to look at my pics!



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