3 year old understands Minecraft!

3 year old understands Minecraft!

You know they say some games are for children. Well, in the video below, it proves that a 3 year old can play Minecraft. pcchip3's wife filmed their son playing Minecraft. I'd assume it's common for children to understand simple games. I'm sure at any rate you can watch this video for the "aww" factor. But hey, remember when in the article about "Let's plays"? Well, to be honest, I'd watch this kid's videos because he's actually moreenthusiasticthan any of I've seen. Watch, below, Bradley -- a 3 year old -- play his Bad guy game!

pcchip3 says:

Brady gives us a Play-by-Play of his daily Minecraft adventures.

+ Available in 720p HD
+ Added translation captions
+ Brady just turned 3 a few days ago, he is 3.019 years old in this video.

Sites to check out:

and the video:

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/TQ/

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