Fun With Water (and Lava)

kulinsj's video is a gift that keeps on giving. In the first half, he shows off some really clever and interesting ways that you can control and direct a stream of water. In the second half he uses these techniques to build an amazing fountain structure. If you don't watch the whole thing, you must at least skip ahead to 4:40 to watch the water flow down the fountain. It's a work of art! kulinsj had this to say about how the pyramid is structured:
I took the idea from 3:27 and basically stacked it on top of itself; wherever the one block fell off the edge, it would be the source of the next split on the next level.

I messed around on some levels to try to get more interesting patterns, otherwise it would have been a perfect pyramid

If building it yourself sounds like too much work, kulinsj has also uploaded the map for those that just want to gaze at the prettiness. Grab it here.

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