iCraft - It's only a matter of time.

iCraft - It's only a matter of time.

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Many people have asked Notch, when will Minecraft be available on iDevices and Android market places alike? A quick building session on the train, bus or just a sneaky dig about a cave when the boss isn't looking, this app would not only be a huge success for early alpha adopters of the game but also broaden the audiance to people who may not have heard of Minecraft.

Notch has spoke of a Andriod port butnothing official, however we can see a glimpse at what we may see in the future. mind.virus games have unofficially ported the game to iPhone titled "Minecrafted", it was pulled down from the appstore with the developer stating "I removed it myself because it wasn't intended to go live yet. ..." so we can't see how it played. Apparently the code was not taken from the game itself but this seems to copy the game alot and legal issues may have arisen. He also is "... Hoping to get official word and just update as needed.".

The game seems to be a version of the free to play Minecraft Classic with what seems the basic controls and feature implemented.With apparent server support (see picture below) and fully working chat this seemed a well done port of the game. A lot of people don't agree with other developers cloning the game although it's possible this will spur Notch on to make an official version.

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I don't see this a priority and the game is a long way before it get's past beta but maybe in the future we'll see Minecraft in peoples hands.

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