Want to play some CTF? Well, now you can! (SERVER UP!)

Want to play some CTF? Well, now you can! (SERVER UP!)

OK, so you know how Spleef isconsideredthe most dominate sport in Minecraft? Well, make way for Capture the Flag programmed by Jacob_. Fun fact, I've known Jacob_, on the internet, for 3 years. Anyway, ever since I started playing this mod, I could not stop... until the server went down. OK, so first, the game has it's own mechanics. You've got TNTs that can explode by detonation of your control. Then you got land mines that can be used creatively. Also, if an enemy is on your side of the map, you can run up to them and "tag" them. Upon doing that, they will return to their base. There is SO much more to this game. You've got to strategize with TNTs and such.

[caption id="attachment_2255" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="An aerial view of the map 'Artic'."][/caption]

Another thing to love about this server is the variety of maps. The picture above is just ONE of the maps. There are many more and they are fun to explore. But the thing I love the most is the highscores. I'm a pretty competitive guy so when I caught wind of this, I flipped my lid. After a four games of playing, I am ranked 148yh! Not bad, I'll be sure to stop by every now and then and take part in some nice action of CTF in Minecraft.

Anyway, the server that has this is up from 4PM to 10PM EASTERN USA Time. Why? Because it's not on a dedicated or VPS, sadly. But, if you're up for a game. make sure to look for it in the Creative mod server directory! It's called Jacob_'s CTF server or something along those lines.


Here is the quick basics:

This is the official thread for Jacob_'s CTF server. Look in the server list to find the server link.

IRC Channel: irc://irc.esper.net/JacobCTF

High Scores: http://mc.1scripts.net/ranks.php


Currently it has all the basic CTF features. Players can also explode TNT and build water or lava. I'm going to be frequently updating the server to fix bugs/add new features.

The server is custom, based on OpenCraft.

1. No hacked clients! Ops may hack when not on a team.
2. No spawn camping.
3. No respawning (pressing R)
4. No abusing bugs (exploiting)
5. Don't ask for op, you won't get it.
6. You can destroy stuff on your enemy's side, but no griefing your own team.
7. No excessive swearing.
8. No hiding in 1x1x2 holes if you have the flag
9. Do not test the rules

- Try to capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your own side. Capture by clicking the other team's flag; return the flag by clicking your own flag.
- You can stop the enemy by tagging them when they're on your own side, or blowing them up with TNT. (place a TNT block, then place a purple block to explode it).
- A mine is a dark gray cloth block, it will explode if someone walks by. You can only place one mine at a time, say /d to defuse your mine.
- Say /join spec to be a spectator
- Ranks points and store points are different
- The rank points formula is: %won * (kills + captures * 6)
- Your points on the website are updated at the end of the game or when you leave.
- You get 5 store points for kills and 20 for capturing.
- First blood and double kills (killing 2 people with 1 TNT block) get you extra store points - you get the normal points + 10 extra kills.
- /red, /blue - join a team
- /me [message] - say what you're doing! ("/me is running away!")
- /pm [player] [message] - send a private message
- /team [message] - send a message that's only visible to your own team
- /score - shows the current score
- /status - shows how many are on each team and who has the other team's flag
- /build [water, lava] - place water or lava
- /ragequit - no explanation needed
- /store - Shows things you can buy with points
- /buy - buy something
Op Commands:
- /kick - kick someone
- /ban - ban someone
- /say - send a message to everyone on the server
- /newgame [mapname] - starts a new game on the specified map, if you don't put a map name it will go to a random map
- /mute - make someone shut up (say it again to unmute)
- /opchat - chat with other ops on the server
- /points - set someone's store points
Map Names
- Draco12
- shawnachu
- trimbo

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/TB/

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