An awesome town that was built.

An awesome town that was built.

Remember how I said that Dwarven Chasm city fit the bill of having it's own atmosphere? Well, this one does too. zanzou has single-handedlycreated a really nice town. I mean, it's things like these that I love the most. It's like getting sucked into a new world and forget you're in Minecraft. Like a 3D Nintendo 64 game, almost. Nonetheless, this still looks really sweet. This guy goes all out documenting how he created his cities from every angle.

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zanzou says:

Cartograph -

Cartograph (with some locations noted) -

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Zip file of my world:

So I've spent the past week or so building this town in SSP.

Some highlights: Two huge towers, a manor, a wooden wall surrounded by a moat with two gates, various smaller towers along the wall, a church, a wizard's tower, a lighthouse, a market square, a few houses and stores, a library. None of these are all that huge and detailed - the goal was basically to create a town that felt pretty large and have all these buildings stuffed together behind a wall. But I did decorate the insides of each building, making them all fairly unique (I think). None of them felt cookie cutter, anyways... I use the painterly pack, especially for the darker wood. I wanted most of the town to be made out of wood.

You can get a better idea through the pictures up top.

I think I've removed anything that might cause it to crash. For a while, I was using Bridgemod v2 for drawbridges on the gates (which were really awesome) and Risugami's arrows mod for landscaping purposes (explosive arrows are so damn handy). But there might be some stuff from some mods I was using left over. Oh, if you have the TeleportSigns mod, there should be a few signs around that'll send you places (easily my favorite mod).

Anyways, I started legit on Hard, got bored of harvesting all the resources and slow progress only during the day. So, Peaceful and Invedit after I finished the wall and building up both huge towers. And I used MCEdit to fill in the moat's water after it was dug out because fuck water. Then used it again to copy the big towers once I'd filled in four floors worth of interior stuff. Really didn't want to do that twice. And I used Risugami's arrows mod for explosive arrows that I used for landscaping (mostly blowing out the moat).

I ran out of steam at the lighthouse. I had planned on building farms around where that reed field (cornfield with painterly) is and a few houses off to the east as well. But then I sorta got burned out a bit. Actually, I think I'm going to take a very long (months) break from Minecraft and come back when it's in more of a finished state. I really don't wanna burn completely out on the game while it's in Alpha. heh...

Anyways, hope you enjoy my town.

tl;dr Built a town, cheated, was fun, taking a break from Minecraft.

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