Holy %(#*. An underwater cave.

Holy %(#*. An underwater cave.

Oh. My. God.

nekosune from Facepunch came across quite possibly the coolest natural thing in minecraft. She posted pictures of an amazing underwater cave system she found. Of course, there were skeptics. But she showed everyone up by posting a download link. I couldn't believe it from pictures, so I downloaded it and checked it out myself. Let me tell you guys something. Pictures don't do this place justice. It is beautiful. I couldn't believe it.

And I actually didn't believed it. So I asked nekosune if it really was real. She responded with:

I have been using an editor on different worlds, the only way this one would have been edited though is if I selected the wrong world , however I can say with 100% certinatly I did NOT add this cave in or anything like it

So thisphenomenalis probably 95% not a hoax. Let's see what notch has to say about THIS one.

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