Check out this Temple, and more.

Check out this Temple, and more.

Some people build big things while other build small things. Sure, we can fathom big things to be a giant massive Minecraft masterpeice, but smb510 begs to differ. He has created a thing he liked to call "Temple Thing" and I gotta say, it's pretty nice. He has created a small building that resemble a template. OK, so I like to think that this doesn't resemble anything. Trying to keep it's original factor, but overall, he did a nice job! It just screams "awesome built". Sure, it may have been built in creative mode, but it's a truly awesome nonetheless.

smb510 says:

So this is my first build that I'm posting to the forum. I love building things, in any game, and I decided to spend a little while on a random building idea. This isn't my first build. I have made only three major builds; a set of towers, a castle, and a domed Greek/Roman architecturally styled building.

This is a random freebuild. I had no design, and no floor plan, so I built what I thought looked cool and worked. So, without further delay, here it is.

Here it is looking from the front view. The floating blocks are just markers for me. There are four buildings; the hub, the west wing, the north staircase, and the east wing. The exterior, such as gardens and fountains, don't look too good.

Here is the above shot. You can see all four buildings. The east and west wings have one floor, while the north staircase and the hub have two.

And here is the final picture that shows the two leveled building in the back.

then later, he goes on to post:

Here is the final main building. Doesn't look much different, except for a few new trees and a different pathway.

And here is the ground floor. A slightly different floor pattern, but I added decorations all on the sides. i left the floor plan open to give it a moor awe-inspiring look. It helps keep the floor open and allows the player to focus on the fountain in the middle, which is the prime piece of the room.

Here is the spider wing, the upper portion. I gave it a dining room/kitchen feel.

Here is the little kitchen area. The island in the middle gives it a nice open feel.

The second level of the main building. i turned it into a lounge/study/eating area. Turned out pretty nice. Again, keeping with the open feel of the building.

The view from the main dining table across the fountain to the hallway leading to the spider stairs.

And that's it! It's been done for a while, but I hope you all enjoyed the building. It look a little while to work on, and I started my second project, which is a big one..

The Notre Dame

At the present moment, the only thing done is the west side entrance (what you are looking at here)

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