Official skin support: A step in the right direction?

Official skin support: A step in the right direction?

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="307" caption="A screenshot of the pack importer."][/caption]

What's that? That's the sound of the official skin support.Adding and editing textures and skins in Minecraft is about to get much easier in the update tomorrow.

Changing and adding textures has always been awkward and in no way official, now with the update this will be lifted and will become moreaccessible. With packs such as the Painterly Pack or the skins for the Portal mod, the community has proved this will be a welcome addition. But should the game be allowed to change so drastically? The game is iconic for it's art style and possibly with this new update we could see a rise in users using packs with higher resolution textures and adeteriorationof the game's look and feel.

With mod support in the future allowing for complex mods and textures fully customisable, will the game lose it's charm orcould we see this game become something like the sensational Garry's Mod?

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