Modern Warfare 2 meets Minecraft.

Modern Warfare 2 meets Minecraft.

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops nearing... I only thought this video would be timely to show you guys. cassettes decides to mix up Modern Warfare 2 into his Minecraft by a video. It's his game but in Modern Warfare 2. Whilst providing some commentary, Modern Warfare 2 is edited in. You'll have to see this for yourself, I mean, it's something I really can't explain. I like Modern Warfare 2 and all, but Minecraft involved just makes it all the more fun. I can relate to some of what he said in the video, maybe you will too?


i ended up not being able to polish it as much as i wanted, but i think it turned out good. so let me know what you guys think :>.

and here is the video:

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