Minecraft Piracy. Better than we think?

Now before you guys start gathering your pitchforks and torches, sit down and think about the matter at hand. The Piracy of Minecraft. Good or bad?

Now I'm not saying that we should go and pirate the game just to have it. I mean really, who would want to do that to such an amazing game? However if you really think about it, piracy ( for the better good ) could be a reliable reason. I say this because from quotes of members in the Minecraft community to even Notch himself, piracy really isn't that bad.

If you can remember a few months back, Notch posted about how piracy works, along with with his opinions on the matter. To paraphrase, he doesn't like that people would pirate his game, but if it meant that one person were to get other people to buy it or even end up buying it themselves, it would be worth it in the end and he'd be ok with it. This is rather true being if he'd losses one customer, however gains a few more or even the pirate himself after awhile then its all profile for him. Oh and did I mention Notch is apart of the Pirate Party in Sweden?

More stories like this range from just wanting to try out Minecraft to waiting for an premium account to be active so you can start enjoying the game. This of course still isn't accepted by everyone, even with documentation and such.

What do you guys think about the piracy of Minecraft?

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