Screw Pickaxes, let's all do some TNT Mining!

Screw Pickaxes, let's all do some TNT Mining!

We know the use of pickaxes. They come in many types but they're primary use is to mine. Mining is a long and tedious proccess. Depending on what you're mining, it can still be long... and boring. That's why, viperwarp, has effectively shown us his way of mining. He calls it TNT Mining and I gotta say, it's pretty fast. Also, the ending result, not only may devestate your computer, but leaves aharrowingreminder of what would happen if a hurricane went through your map. Seriously, it looks as if a big ship crash landed and destroyed everything in it's path. At any rate, TNT mining is effective, fast, and efficent. All you need is a bunch of TNTs... and were could we find those? Creepers!

viperwarp says:

The joys of TNT in Minecraft :)

Painterly Pack:

Ambient Occlusion mod:

And here's the music:

and here is thedestructivevideo:

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