One Project To Rule Them All

Fresh on the heels of the Isengard Battle comes a new Tolkien-inspired project that looks set to 1-up the others to a whole new ball park. A group of intrepid Minecrafters over at the Minecraft Forums have for the last few months been working on a 1:1 scale remodelling of Middle-Earth. That’s right, not just The Shire, not just Isengard, but all of Middle-Earth. Cubic metre by cubic metre. [caption id="attachment_1688" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="The entrance to Bag End. Not sure how they are planning on crafting the circular doors that Hobbits are fond of."][/caption] At present, one can walk from Bag End, to Hobbiton, across the Brandywine Bridge, and all the way to Bree. The road to Rivendell is currently under construction and work will begin soon on the house of Elrond. The group also aim for a degree of role-playing while they build together. Players are free to go and build a farm outside Bree, but one does not simply build a brick house in the middle of Mordor! Equally, players wearing Uruk-Hai skins are not welcome to work on Hobbit Holes in the shire. So dress appropriately!

[caption id="attachment_1686" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="A farm in the shire."][/caption] Perhaps not everyone’s idea of fun, but you have to admire the dedication and respect for the canon. These guys are seriously committed—they need to be for such a monumental project. I think Jorge Albor over at the Experience Points blog has already said it better than I can hope to:
“They are building history - a fictional history, but an incredibly rich world nonetheless. It is a dual history. When Isengard is finally built, it will be meaningful to those familiar with the fortress and its lore. But it will also be meaningful to those who built it - not the Númenóreans but the individual minecrafters who raised its walls.”
Those keen to be part of that history and lend a hand or those just eager to follow in the footsteps of Frodo should head over to the project’s thread at the Minecraft Forums, reads the overview, and politely beg to be let in.

[caption id="attachment_1687" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="Entering Bree at sunrise."][/caption]

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