Minecraft XRay: 3D Map Viewer

Ever been on a quest looking for ores for your sky castle, or just have just been wanting to take a look at your map save in a 3D environment? Minecraft XRay has you covered. Created by plusminus, this helpful little program for Mac/Windows/Linux, is just what those explorer types need. It's allows you to highlight ores and spawners aswell gives you an amazing view of the underground network within your map. To add, Plus says:
Hello All, this is the fifth release of my program. As always it includes the java source code. Again this is only a bugfix release, please look at the list of changes for an overview. I've not made a new video, I don't think the changes warrant that yet. This is mostly a bug-fix / make things smoother release. Enjoy! Previous thread here:viewtopic.php?f=25&t=41957 Kind Regards, - Plus As always, I really appreciate feedback, ideas, bug reports, performance reports and request. So please try it out and let me know how it works and what you think. Keys 'WASD' to move 'SPACE' fly upward 'LEFT CONTROL' fly downward 'TAB' to show a world map, 'ESC' to quit, 'F1-F6' toggle mineral types (starts with all mineral types 'off') 'F8' - toggle mineral glow (starts with mineral glow on) 'F9' - toggle 'fullbright' mode or 'lighting' mode (starts in lighting mode) 'F10' to toggle fullscreen. '+' Increase lighting range '-' Decrease lighting range NUMPAD_1 to NUMPAD_6 (remember Num Lock (!)) . Set the visible world range. default = 3 Hold 'SHIFT' to go faster (2x)

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/S6/

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