Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia Edition #1

You're browsing online for some Minecraft Modifications, and soon you find what you have been searching for! However, as you look down at the large listings of threads and you notice that this will soon become very time consuming to look through. So that's where this biweekly article comes in.

Im going to attempt to keep you all informed with the newest mods that come out, reviews of some old ones you may have have missed, and even updates on ones you have already come to love. Sounds good doesn't? So to start off, lets take a look at some new mods that have appeared over at the Minecraftforum as of lately.

Newest Modifications

+Terrain Tweaker by Wickity

The Biomes personally have seemed abit "small" when compared to biomes in real life, so why not make them abit bigger? Maybe even make the oceans into a blazing desert? The Terrain Tweaker gives you the options to raise the water level, makes the biomes larger, and much much more options to pick from.

+Zenith's Sammiches! by zenithselenium

Ever wanted to make a sandwich as a recipe in Minecraft? Looks like you can now, enjoy your yummy treats.

+Minecraft World Namer by cvpcs

After awhile of playing Minecraft, you may get abit annoyed of looking at " World 1 " text every time you go into Single player, or even worse when you have all 5 slots filled and not to sure what world it what. Minecraft World Namer does what it implies which allows you to add more descriptive names for your worlds. OMGWTFBBQ World here I come!

+Biome Mod by Bucyruss

Its similar to the Terrain Tweaker, however focuses more on the details of biomes. I think he describes it abit better then I could:

So a lot of people have been complaining about biome sizes and I decided to look into the biome algorithm some and have found a number of interesting things about it. I try to make sure I list all of these in myBiome Algorithm thread but I do forget from time to time to list some things. Among the things I found were the moisture, temperature, size, and, I think, elevation controls.

Its abit crude as in it doesn't really have a GUI at this time, however if you know what you are doing then its rather powerful mod.

+WoodenBucket Mod by zeRobuRn

I know what your thinking. No, Lava doesn't really work in this situation, however it does work with with gathering more water and milk from cows.

+ Unleased Mods by dougbenham

Three mods to be exact. TrackUnleashed, LadderUnleashed, and TorchUnleased. The first two allows to put tracks or ladders on glass blocks, while the TorchUnleased allows the placing of torches upon other torches.

+Warp Arrows Extension byAyutashi

This is an extension for303's custom arrows, allowing you to add Warp Arrows to your arsenal!

  • Travel at an arrow's speed! Cross large distances in a blink of an eye! If your arrow can go there, so can you!

  • Investigate those hard-to-reach places in natural cave systems! No ladders? No problem! (TIP: Use a Torch Arrow to light your way first!)

  • Escape from danger quickly! Those mobs can't catch you if you warp away! However... be careful where your arrow lands... ;3

  • Get up close and personal, finishing distant foes with your sword!

  • Fight dangerous Warp Skeletons! They'll chase you down and shoot you down at point-blank range! (If you've installed Prefix Skeletons)

Recently Updated Modifications

+Enhanced Compass Mod ( Used to be North/Dual Mod )- Updated for Boo Update.

+Higher Clouds Mod - Updated for Boo Update.

+SkyMod 1.21 - Updated for 1.2.0_02 compatibility.

+ TeleportSigns 1.2 - Updated for 1.2.0_02compatibility.

Modification Review

- None for this week sorry! Will be sure to have one for next time : ) -

Thanks for reading this edition of the Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia! To help make this better in the future for you all, im always open to suggestions or questions regarding the encyclopedia in the comments area below. Remember i'm still only one guy, so feedback would be appreciated!

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