You may know of deadmau5 for his unhealthily brilliant electronic music, but you may have not known that deadmau5 is a gamer too. It's no surprise that he enjoys himself a slice of Minecraft now and again.

Last month on Notch's Twitter feed, Notch announced deadmau5 wanted to make some music for Minecraft. Let's be honest, who would turn down anoffer like that?

A few more tweets flew back and forth between Notch, C418 (the current maestro of the games music) and deadmau5 himself. Twitterings gave a hint at the work between the mau5 and C418 but it had yet to surface.

Over on deadmau5's Ustream channel he showcased his latest creation in-game. A Minecraft recreation of his mouse-like head he wears on stage, spanning 41 by 41 blocks. He has spent"4 or 5 hour sessions" for around three days working with friends on the head. It isn't finished as of writing although it is shaping up to be quite a treat!

Not only this but he also played exclusively some of his new song made for Minecraft, hoping it will be added. He's uploaded this along with a collab with C418 on his Soundcloud here:

Will Notch add his music? I think he will but what do you think. Should it only be music from C418?

Have your say in the comments! :D

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