Videos, videos, videos!

Videos, videos, videos!

Sometimes, I get sent videos and ask for an article. Other times, I get sent creations. At any rate, I was just sent some awesome videos and I thought I'd share them into one blog post. Yeah, I could write full articles, but I really don't feel like it. Think of this as a "mashup" of today's awesome videos. First up, we've got a giant stadium, built by Djmotive. Then we have a a nice Minecart System built by leonscape, and lastly, ov3rr1d3cr45h73rr0r with his friends, built a 32-bit ALU.

Giant Stadium

You think you've built a giant stadium? Think again. Djmotive has built what he calls 'Giant Arena' and I gotta say, the name fits well. Not only that, but his friend created an awesome YouTube video of him building and then he goes in it, first-hand. It's pretty neat.

Minecart System

OK, we've seen Minecart systems before. But this is the one that I like the most. I mean, it looks so simple to use and it's really stylish. I'm talking about the Minecart system by leonscape. The video he created gives you a more interesting looking rather than the text he posted.

leonscape says:

My new Minecart station plan for where my Nether gates are, as I maybe returning from the Nether having left the Minecart at a station in another part of the world.

Before I spent two days covering it up

After its been prettified

and the video:

The 32-bit ALU

Remember about that 16-bit ALU and how we were all amazed? Well, ov3rr1d3cr45h73rr0r, has one-upped him and created a 32-bit ALU. A 32-bit can send data faster than a 16-bit. It's tenacious to explain so just google this. Anyway, what he did was really amazing.

ov3rr1d3cr45h73rror says:

A 32-bit ALU I made with some of my friends.
It uses look-ahead carry and that means that 2 bits can work simultaneously to produce an answer.
This ALU was made with Ellos.

If i get 100 subs/tutorial requests, i'll make a tutorial how to make your own ALU!
And this video was captured around 4 o'clock in the morning so get over it.
In the video I used a custom skin made by Ellos.(link will be posted if I get enough requests)

and the awesome video:

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