The Figaro Castle in Minecraft

The Figaro Castle in Minecraft

Alright, I'm a Final Fantasy Fan. Not one of those obessessed kind, but I like the series. I've played almost all the games, but the only one I really got into was Final Fantasy Advanced Tactics. What a fun Game Boy Advanced game... Anyway, minecraftfigaro, has re-created an accurate creation of the Figaro Castle from Final Fantasy VI. His creation has it all, the exterior, interior, theme, and music. By music, I mean the video. Why? Because it's also awesome. And for the non-Final Fantasy fans, you can see how he made it. I mean, in the video he shows both the video of the Figaro Castle in Final Fantasy and Minecraft. What a great way to compare, right?

minecraftfigaro says:


This is our attempt at a recreation of Figaro Castle from Final Fantasy VI in Minecraft survival multiplayer (SMP).

We discovered the internal layout of Figaro is not to scale with the external layout. Thus we have built our Figaro to match the external structure and have adjusted internally when necessary.

The greatest omissions we were forced to make:

A) We had to remove the throne room entrance and adjacent stairwells and walls. We also cropped the size of the throne room.
B) The far left and right tower rooms have been cropped and do not have stairwells to the roof.
C) Two towers above the doorways where the castle exits to the sand were removed due to space constraints.

All of the materials were mined from the environment in SMP and put into place by the two of us.

Hope you enjoy.

p.s. Pardon the length of the video, this is a full walkthrough. It is a widescreen video which is best viewed at A one minute video is coming soon.

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