CraftHub needs you!

CraftHub needs you!

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Alright, so it's come to the point where the server is getting hard to manage. We need to upgrade the server. That is why were we are asking for donations. Right now we have two servers. One for the website and one for the SMP server. The website server is running out ofbandwidthand we can't stay up much longer with the 100GB ofbandwidthwe have left. The SMP server on the other hand is great. Steve provided us with a great server and I couldn't think him enough. (You should click Minecraft servers in the sidebar to buy a server from his site.) But seeing as the time is right we might as well merge all of our stuff onto one server so that it is easier to access. So we need donations to get this new server that can support this stuff.

You can donate on the sidebar at any time. Donating iscompletelyoptional. As a perk for donating, you'll get VIP status on the server. Your name will be colored and you'll be given special perks such as teleports and such. Our primary goal is $200 for a better server and upkeep.

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