The sounds of Minecraft are really something.

The sounds of Minecraft are really something.

Alright, I know I post crazy creations, but this is really something. Have you ever wondering about Minecraft's sounds? Well, DedicatedToMindcraft has and he has created a musical number he calls SoundsOfMinecraft. You know, I've envisioned this day would come. For almost any game, I've seen these types of videos. The sounds one can make can, actually, be used to create an up-beat tone of the game. As shown by DedicatedToMinecraft, he's shown everyone he can do it. Sadly, this video doesn't have a visual of Minecraft, but hey -- we get to listen to it atleast!

DedicatedToMinecraft says:

Hi everybody,

I'm just here to say: I love Minecraft and cause I had time two nights ago I made a little minimalistic Minecraft Sound Song - just made with Minecraft Soundfiles.

For everybody whose interested here is a Download-Link

So... back in the mine... deeper and deeper.

Good night. I hope somebody likes it.

Best greetings.

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