The Harbor; it's something you should see.

The Harbor; it's something you should see.

Alright, we've seen large structures, monuments, and really big ships. But, sometimes, there's something that comes our way. I noticed this gem, logged into reddit's page of "new" section and I was blown away. By blown away, I mean at how awesome this thing is. Never, in ten years, would I think I'd see something as cool as this. OK, maybe I did, but this is something you shoulddefinitely see. It's like seeing Hayley's comet. It only comes once a life time and for some -- two. I am talking about "The Harbor" built by Ubertastic and his friends.

Here's a sneak peak:

Want to see more? I'm sure you do.The whole gallery of images is located here. (There are simply too many, for me to link here.)

Enjoy! I know, I sure did.

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