Notch has created more than just Minecraft.

Notch has created more than just Minecraft.

Yes, the image you just saw is yet again another Minecraft clone. But, unlike others, it's actually neat! We'll get to that later. The topic at hand is Notch. What he's done is amazing. Sure, he's made a unique phenomena but he's also created a community. Single-handedly he went from a nobody to a internet celebrity. In over a year, he's cultured the indie-gaming franchise that you can really create an astoundingand cultivating game. His game, obviously, was Minecraft. So, what has Notch created? I'll tell you right now, it's more than Minecraft but a community.

The Clone Makers

First of all, we'll start of with the two new clones. These, actually, are pretty well made. 2DCraft is just like Minecraft. Steffan RW James, the game's creator, really aims to make a mean clone. I mean, seriously, it looks like he took Minecraft and put a time-machine on it because it looks so 8bit and new. The controls are OK but the moving around is kinda funky. You'll know what I mean, if you decide to try it out. Lastly, this clone also has skins!

[caption id="attachment_1524" align="alignnone" width="533" caption="Playing 2DCraft! (Yeah, another Minecraft clone.)"][/caption]

The 2nd clone is by DFectuoso and it's called MC2d. This one was hacked up at a recent TIGJam content (by TIGSource) and in 4 days, put this beat together. He's also created a development log, to see how he did. It's neat, if you're into reading a game's history, so check that out. But the most awesome feature in this clone is the monsters. Yeah, he's put in a Creeper. It explodes and stalks you. How creepy (pun intended) is that? As getting chased by a 3D Minecraft Creeper wasn't bad enough, now you have the chance to do it all over again but in 2D! The neat thing about this game is it's background. No, the actual background but how it's made. Being the geek I am, I am amazed at how he was able to conjure this program together let alone using JavaScript power and a webpage. It's truly a feat of programming.

[caption id="attachment_1526" align="alignnone" width="547" caption="Watch out for that Creeper!"][/caption]

OK, so Minecraft has inspired people enough to re-create in the program of their choosing. You know a game is really popular when this happens. Then again most big companies don't copy the game,per-say, but make it different. Hello Halo and Call of Duty. But now, let's move onto the programmers.

The Modders

One of the reasons Java is used in web gaming is because of it's versatile usability. Sure, Java works on major operating systems. But a a price. When you put your game out there, your source code becomes public. That's why Notch has taken extra measure to bfuscate the code. And guess what? People still make mods (or add-ons) for the game. The people who make these mods really have a lot of patience. They decipher and test what each part of code in Minecraft. They test and test, and make sure their mods are correct and accurate. Reading Minecraft's code is like reading it... but scrambled. That's exactly what Notch wants. Why? Because someone can easily take it and put their spin on it. But wait, can't Notch sue them? Well, I'm not sure, but in the long-run you really don't want anyone with your game source without your permission, do you?

Then we have the client modders. These guys change the way we play game. The mostprominentis the site World of Minecraft. Theypracticallyinvented client modding. They were the first on the scene and they did it good. But, honestly, client mods change the way we experience Minecraft. For better or worse, it's only gone further because people like it. I talked about this in this post. But, as far as I know, they guys take a lot of their time changing Minecraft. But at what cost? The enjoyment of others using their work. That's my guess.

The Domain Squatters

This really is a given for anything. But Minecraft has spawned another wave of domain-squatters. In short, domain-squatters are people who buy domains and do nothing with them or sell them later. They don't care about using it for the purpose of a website. They just want money or to use it to their advantage later. So as you can see, in the past year, Minecraft has become a regularly used term in buying domains. By that, I mean, to be used in the Minecraft community. For example, Minecraft<insert another word here>, for your service is probably already taken. Want to know who took advantage of this? citricsquid of did. He bought many Minecraft related names and then when Minecraft started becoming something. he created MinecraftForum, among others. But, unlike domain squatters, he turned those domains into websites.

So, if you ever have a chance of buying a good domain with aforeseeablegood future, do it. I did, and I lost it. I remember back in August, the was still up for grabs. I wanted to take it but I told myself not to. Why? Because I didn't want to take some bucks on a domain that might not be useful. Turns out, I failed. Millions of people watched the rescue (including me), and I could not believe I missed out on a good oppurtunity. Guess where redirect to now? A selling for the domain page. Yeah, once the deals of movies hit them, they'll want a domain. Guess who'll they will coming running to first? The domains such as 33miners, the 33, los 33, and the like. But hey, I do have the domain! (yes .co, not .com)Maybe, I'll sell that... one day.

A new spawn of Websites

Now Minecraft's features offer many. We have skins, maps, mods, discussion, and showcasing, to name a few. For example, World of Minecraft, Minecraft Forum, and Minecraft Workbench are a few websites about Minecraft. People are interested in Minecraft. People want to make websites about Minecraft. We, as fans, want to know everything about Minecraft. We need our fix. That's why when one site goes down, we move to the next available one. This happened on October 31, 2010. The Minecraft Forums and Wiki went down. Where did they go? CraftHub and Minecraft Workbench. It's times like these that we thank web developers. You wouldn't be seeing this post right now if it weren't for Notch.

In the End

So, in the end, we're not even done yet. Notch hasn't just created Minecraft but an atmosphere. The community he created has, in turn, created things back. All about Minecraft. Because we just can't get enough, obviously. And, I'm positive, there are more types of people out there that have something to do with Minecraft. Minecraft is just a hit-indie game that's beenreceivingmass amounts of media on the Internet lately. Now, it's just our turn to see what happens. See what people create, do, and discover. It's our time to make Minecraft shine.

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