Your world, but really blocky.

Your world, but really blocky.

Alright, when I found out about this program, I just had to post about it. It's just really awesome. OK, think Minecraft can't get any more blockier? Think again! The front-page image you just saw is the program. It's really easy to use! It's called Mineviewer by XiaTek. First, you download it. Then, you start it. Lastly, you select the world, and you're in! Using the controls (WASD) to move around and right-click on the mouse, to pan the camera. You're in a 3D version of your map, but it looks really neat! Plus, this can be used to explore dungeons and whatnot.

Anyways, you can also use this thing for machinima, I suppose. The moving in this is flawless and fluid. Sure, it may look crappy, but it could be an asset to say... a spy/thriller movie and use that program to dial-up the schematics. Now, I'm going going overboard. Anyway, here's the 411 on this program.

XiaTek says:



Ever play Minecraft and wish you could see everything at once without being annoyed by any dangerous “Exploring” stuff? MineViewer allows you to fly around any Minecraft Alpha world in real time. But wait, theres more! You can also quickly “slice” your world, showing the delicious ores you crave (DIAMONDS!).

Its got slicing!

MineViewer also takes advantage of Lua so you can make your very own Schemes and have your own feel to MineViewer

Please note that this tool is still in alpha, it will have bugs, it has features missing, and it won’t work on all computers. Please report these bugs.

View MineViews blog section here.


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