All of Minecraft's music, in one place.

All of Minecraft's music, in one place.

Sure, we love to listen to our own music when we playing Minecraft. But funny thing is, some of us don't. We, instead, listen to Minecraft's music! Why? Because it's awesome and Daniel Rosenfield (C418) is a great music creator. Minecraft's soft melody brings a great deal. It's soothing sounds remind of Minecraft and the world we live in. Our kingdom; our creation; our everything. So, when CraftHub reader Michael Shilliday sent me this awesome album of Minecraft's music, I had to put it up.

Shilliday says:

A while ago I submitted a small album I made containing all the music from Minecraft into an album for people to download.
With this Halloween update out now I added all the new songs that came with it to a new album

Here it is
Here is album 1 if you're interested in it too

and in the YouTube video he says:
Unfortunately not all the music that Daniel teased wasn't included in the update
but I'll be sure to upload them once they're available!
keep up the good work Dan :)

EDIT: Just realized I misspelled Daniels name sorry about that. :(

Download link:
Album art link:

There you have it, folks! Enjoy!

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